Come to Venice // Benedetta Panisson

Come to Venice” (2013) is a 20 minutes documentary about Venice. Some interviews made to people who live in the island tell about Venice joy and sadness. The sound of the alarm siren is the recording of the original high tide siren that was used till some years ago to alert islanders. The same sound here becomes a general state of alarm.

Benedetta Panisson (1980, Venice) is a visual artist working with film photography, video installation, drawings, and live performance, interweaving art practice with academic research, trying to “undiscipline” both of them. Her research focuses on extended relations among sea and insular territories, bodies, imaginaries, communities, and their margins, often in relation with sexual aesthetics; it is rooted also in her PhD research at Durham University (UK) (2020-ongoing), after a BA in History of Arts at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, and a MA in Performing and Interactive Arts at Brera Academy, Milan.

Among her participations and academic collaborations: Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Royal College of Art (London), TEA, Museum of Contemporary Art of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation (Venice), International Prize for Performance (Marina Abramovic/Centrale di Fies), Der Greif, Frieze Art/Paul Smith (London), Galleria Riccardo Crespi (Milan), UNESCO/COAL Prix (Paris), Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento, Centre International des Récollets, Furla Art Award, Project Space Berlin, Contingent Movements Archive, Milano-Bicocca University, Centro Pecci, International Sarajevo Winter Festival, Istituto Veneto di Lettere, Scienze ed Arti (Venice), Ca’ Foscari University/European Centre for Living Technology, La Guarimba Film Festival (Italy), Fotofilmic (Canada), Care of (Milano), Phroom.


May 7th – 30th

“L’albero di trasmissione”
Fabrizio Bellomo

Year: 2014
Duration: 47′
Projectrion format: Color FULL HD 30fps audio: LCR on 5.1


April 16th – 30th

“Frost 5”
Bruno Muzzolini

Year: 2004
Duration: 3’05′
Projectrion format: DVD, color, sound


April 1st – 15th

“Un’estate a Milano”
Demetrio Giacomelli

Year: 2018
Duration: 45′
Tipology: Documentary
Projection format: HD, color

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